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What is Utopia42?

Welcome to Earth42/Utopia

We need rules for our 3d permanent blockchain based world, so that we all don't get angry with one another. But we don't need many rules.

I want to encourage building, but also create a rational base for power in this 3d world.
Here is one idea: Who can destroy/change blocks? How about we base it upon a permanent true reality?

1. First: we need permanent blocks

2. Second: For equality sake, let's make it so for every day an account exists, that account has the power to place 1 permanent block. So 1000 days, 1000 permanent blocks. but these blocks are super permanent. Never can change them, not even the account creator.

3. Third: Everyone can create infinite blocks every day within a space they have co-ownership with the universe.

4. Fourth: You cannot overwrite permanent blocks. But you can only destroy or change blocks that were created by accounts younger than you. This would be a crazy feature, but think about that...in 40 years, newbies would be only making new blocks out on the frontiers, while within the inner world of the 3d blockchain, only the oldest accounts would collaborate. It would be an honor your elder accounts type of world. Accounts will be passed down generation after generation. The top 10 accounts will be worth millions of dollars...or at least a few hundred?
In 1000 years there will be dead unchangeable wastelands where noone can change anything because the accounts were lost...yet the frontiers of the 3d universe will continue to grow and expand.

Humanity will expand out into space and the blockchains it created will follow post haste. Our little 3d world will expand as rapidly as the conscious technology of humanity expands out into the universe. Our world will learn about the consequences of an interplanetary and then intersteller blockchain. What will our 3d world look like on Mars? On Earth? Will entire cities be wiped out during the battles for the longest chain? Will we witness cities slowly etched away at from an intersteller and finally intergalactic and perhaps interdimensional blockchain?

In one million years the 3d world you and I saw upon our deathbeds will be that wasteland of unchangeability. Yet entire cultures will have evolved from this seed we are planting. The rules we establish will resonate throughout time like the anarchist facilitation tools that seeded Zuccotti park for the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Let us create a new and indestructible immortal world and in so doing, change cosmos forever in relentless aim of Utopia.



Utopia is using Ethereum and IPFS


There is not any central server

Open Source

The protocol and codes are open source

Multi Platform

Web, Mobile, PC, ...

Utopia42 = Blockchain + 3D + Community